UNIT 7- 14-04-18

The shooting went well, I didn't expect it will turn well, but I was satisfy by the outcome. Although the model wasn't what I want, but she did well and I could finish it. My initial idea was to recreate from the book Samurai Girl, and make it as a male version but realized that it's not changing anything from what I think about female objectification


UNIT 7 13-04-18

The topic that I would like to explore is the term “Male gaze”. Since I believe that
communicating with people, gender is something that everyone can relate to it. The starting point of my project was looking into the different magazine from the 1970s to recent, I have always questioned myself why objectification appears. Moreover, not only in the magazine, the “male gaze” invokes the sexual politics
and suggest a sexualized way of looking that empowers men. In the pop culture like movies and films, I believe that the “male gaze” takes many forms, but can be identified by situations where female characters are controlled by and mostly exist in terms of what they represent to the hero. In the current state of
society, gender problems like female objectification still affect a lot of people and gain attention, I really want to inspire at change other people’s view of female objectification.

COMMUNE 20-02-18

In the second day of commune, Ethan wanted to go to the howth cliff walk and see the view. The second day was okay compare to the first day, since the first day was where I wanted to go, thats why i couldn't post it immediately, which is was hard for me. But I felt really relieving, because social media is was a must to me.

UNIT 7 15-04-18

However, I realized that I want to make it personal to me and capturing how I
view the world as well. Most of the people immediately think of the images that immerse
our movies, advertisements, the inernet, and magazines, of women in changing stages of
undress, dolled up and presented for the male gaze. In the society, women are too often
seen as less clothing but heavily photoshopped to fit into a stereotype.
On the other hand, the research I did not only changed what I initially prop


When we got the brief at first, they always will always find inspiration through models from 80s, 90s magazines, and they really look into the culture and girl's personal styles as well, which shows that they really care about uniqueness.

COMMUNE 19-02-18

Day 1 was my day, I was planning to go to Grafton street because I really liked music and busking, also I wanted to visit The Trinity college, The book of Kells exhibition. Our first location was Trinity college, I wanted my group mates to record the sound in each of the locations because we usually record the things we see through the camera, but I wanted to try a different way, different approach. Grafton Street and the books of Kells exhibition is two different places, one is really quite and one is crowded and loud.The location we are going to is Dublin, Ireland. We decided to go there because it's near the UK and the price was cheap as well. Due to the fact that we are a group of three, we will separate each day for one person, so they will be in charge of deciding what they want to do, because it's a commune project, and we want to base on our interest.

COMMUNE 21-02-18

Third day, Bannie wanted to go to the Guinness storehouse, and we all went to taste the beer, which it ws so good. Bannie asked us to drunk draw the landscape, but unfortunately we couldn't do it, but at last we did it again. I felt very new and challenging because it is hard to drunk draw.