Part 3

Part 3 referral task

Unit 7 Research


I found a video which is used by the 360-degree camera, it seems like it is unrealistic but at the same time both footages are filmed in real life. I really like how the editor plays with two spaces which I will include in my video or the publication. Some of the scenes show the comparison of the size, I also love the model's face, theatrical face. I might not use the same exact camera, but I will use a Go pro which has a wide lens to show two spaces in one video or publication.

Unit 7 Research




Buckman's body of work, Every Curve explores the contradictory and complementary influences of Feminism and hip-hop in her upbringing. The installation of hanging vintage lingerie reveals the artist's fascination with feminity throughout time. There were song lyrics from hip-hop songs on the lingerie. Since I wanted to create my own set in the video, I will maybe stick some advertisements posters that include female objectification statements on the wall which is similar to this artist.



Unit 7 Research

Emma Watson to United Nations: I'm a feminist

I look into research not only art but also politics in general. There was a video I found online, a speech about gender equality. I think that my topic can also relate to gender equality and this is my issue as well. Emma Watson's speech was described as real feminism, she talked about both issues that women and men are facing, which has no bias. It helped me pursue my message that male also targeted as objectification. So I will also include a male in my video to show that not only women are objectified but male as well, so people will realize the problem.

Unit 7 Research

Interacting Like a Body: Objectification Can Lead Women to Narrow Their Presence in Social Interactions

This research report was published by SAGE publications and Association for Psychological Science. It is about the experiment tested the impact of sexual objectification on women's behavior in social interactions, the results was able to support my Unit 7 final project since it is shown in mathematical evidence. For example, the graph has emphasized the effects of objectification on women's mental health and intellectual performance. The result stated that when a woman believes that a man is focusing on her body, she narrows her presence in the interaction by spending less time talking. It is really obvious to show that objectification is a disrespectful thing which will make people uncomfortable and the risk of depression.

Unit 7 Reflection


  • The shooting went successfully. I'm glad that I was happy with the outcome. Although the model wasn't what I was looking for, she did well since we are close friends, she was comfortable working with me.
  • My model was doing great in all the photos, I requested her to be fun and bossy in the photos, which she did it. I think that she really captured the sarcastic, unrealistic and fun feeling I was trying to achieve from the shoot.
  • The weather was perfect for me, I was blessed with the natural lighting.
  • In the editing part, my idea was to crop out the model and photoshop it into another background, so the model will be bigger than the buildings.
  • It was easy to edit the photos but finding a good quality background picture was hard.
  • The video is my first outcome and the publication is my second outcome.


  • In this project, I think I came out in my comfort zone doing different things. It was not the best but I enjoyed it a lot. I could not manage the schedule well since I was lack of ideas and not confident about it. But at the end, I manage it pretty well.
  • The message that I want to bring out was kind of successful, when I got the feedback from my friends, they were able to understand the topic and they think the styling was really nice.
  • The publication I printed out was not the format I wanted to use, but still, it was not bad. I was really happy for the outcomes and the images was nice in the printed publication

Unit 7 Reflection


  • The Marques Almeida project was my starting to research. When I was researching about hippie movement, freedom was in my mind. I was thinking about the term freedom and also relating myself to it.
  • As a female, I always questioned myself about female freedom or rights for female. And I came up with a topic female objectification.
  • The topic that I would like to explore is the term “Male gaze”. Since I believe that communicating with people, gender is something that everyone can relate to it. 
  • In the current state of
    society, gender problems like female objectification still affect a lot of people and gain attention, I really want to inspire at change other people’s view of female objectification.


  • In this final project, I wanted to focus on my stylings, because the styling tells my message. It will be inspired by the 1960s futuristic fashion with metallic textures, and the pose as well.
  • The whole styling will be inspired by the 1960s and show the luxury side of the female.
  • When I research the props, I think that everyday life props will be suitable for the photo shoot, since I wanted to show the female dominance theme. For example, a female holding a glass and seems like she is chilling looks like she conquers the world.
  • I was interested in the theatrical & humourous concept because when people see a serious long content publication, they won't be interested. Therefore, I decided to create something that is able to grab the audience attention. 


Commune Reflection


The Guinness storehouse & Fish & Chips!

Bannie wanted to visit The Guinness storehouse before we left since it was our last day. The storehouse was kind of a museum for the beer Guinness. We learned the origins, history of Guinness which was interesting to see, they even showed the process of making the beer form the starting point. Furthermore, there was a section where we can taste of Guinness beer and enjoy the view in Dublin. After finishing the beer, our group partner felt tipsy and Bannie asked us to draw the view of Dublin. The result came up pretty bad, it was really hard to describe the drawings we did, but we had fun. In the afternoon, we went to eat Dublin's most famous fish & chips before we left Dublin, the taste was fresh but I like the fish & chips in London the most.


Throughout the whole trip, I believe that the trip was memorable. It was my first time to go on a trip with friends and we all experienced new things. Going to a place we all don't know was just a relief of stress and full of curiosity. The people we met were lovely and we felt really lucky as well. When each of us discusses the final project, it was really helpful for me and it helped me pursue an idea. I'm glad that we all enjoyed the trip and we didn't have any conflicts. The places we went was inspiring me a lot, which it leads me to think about my final project.

Commune Reflection


The ticket we booked was four days in order to not rush the whole trip to Dublin. We all went out on the next day we arrived, went to the Trinity College of Dublin to see the books of Kells exhibition. I wanted to go there because it is a famous tourist place in Dublin, but also the inspiration for Harry Potter's school library which is interesting to see. Bannie and Ethan were excited to see the exhibition, and all of us were amazed by the long room in the school. In the long room, there was a collection of the bust which began from 1743. The busts are of the great philosophers and writers of the western world and also of men connected with Trinity College Dublin.

Furthermore, we also went to Grafton Street to enjoy the local busking. After coming back from the Grafton Street, we went to eat the famous Irish burger and discuss what we felt on that day. We gathered the recordings and compared them with each other. It came out pretty interesting, and it leads me to look into the details thing in our life.


We came back early in the previous night since Ethan wants to go to the Howth Cliff walk. We were a little bit behind the schedule, so we all rushed out to catch the bus. Since our accommodation was in the city center, we have to take the bus towards the east side of Dublin, the bus took 45 mins. And during the bus ride, Ethan wanted us to listen to the music we want that fits the view. I was just enjoying and taking photos. Our group tried out different photo techniques from the brilliant weather and the good location. To conclude the day, we gathered in our accommodation, I cooked for my group mates and we all sat down discussed the final projects that we are doing.


Marques Almeida Research


Falling Stars Series (2018) by Bruno Zhu

We researched more into the ideas of set design and installation, and we found the one that we most liked. This set design shows various textures and parts, but it shows another story as a whole piece. Since we have textures in the pants, we wanted to add more to the poster, so we decided to recreate this set design and put it behind the models to create another space in the photo, which will be more layered and richer.

Marques Almeida Research

THE HIPPIE COLLEGE DROPOUT - John Howard University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon 

This journal article is about the three aspects of the hippie phenomenon. It said that the hippies formed a counterculture movement, this means that they did not fit in the contemporary society. In conclusion, they sought a way to isolate from the community to form one of their own, governed by their tules which would grant them freedom and peace. I think that the whole idea is interesting because they isolate themselves from the society, which it leads me to rethink the concept of isolation but freedom. Maybe shooting in a wide free space but seems like it is still restricted.

Marques Almeida Research


Prada S/S18 by Johnny Dufort and Agata Belcen

Prada’s Empowering Pop Art- Delving into the cartoonish surreality of Prada S/S18, Johnny Dufort and Agata Belcen capture the collection for AnOther Magazine S/S18

My partner showed me a research of Prada's campaign ss18, we thought that it will be interesting to only zoom in the important part of the pants, such as the texture or the colour of the pants since we only have one pant from Marques Almeida. We were thinking of just focusing on the pants and try to recreate some of this. I think that it will be unique and fun to create a whole new story.

Marques Almeida Research


A soft gentle sounding song with a strong revolutionary intent, this was a favorite hippie anthem during the 60’s and 70's. John Lennon wrote the profound and evocative lyrics accompanied by one of those rare tunes that seem to stay with us forever. The song was written in 1971. Music has to power to facilitate change and this song’s continued popularity is not only a testament to its enduring beauty. The song is about peace and sharing the world, which is quite similar to our concept.

Marques Almeida Research



Richard Alden Griffin is an illustrator during the 1960s. It was during this time that Rick was exposed to the Native American and ghost town artifacts that were to influence his later work. The posters he made during the hippie movement was iconic. The colors in the posters are really unique an I really like the meaning of every poster. The design of the poster seems not be straightforward but it is obvious to tell there is a hidden meaning, and I think that most of the work he did was in a sarcastic way. It is really impressive. Since he has series of poster, I believe that it is a good idea to create three posters that tells one story.

Marques Almeida Research


Artist Bohyun Yoon - "UNITY"

Bohyun Yoon is a Virginia based Korean artist, she suspended installation, unity, was taken by the fragmented pieces of dolls, and hangs them in midair. When there is light, the shadow appears and the shadow will transform the doll pieces into an act of the human body. This installation gave me an idea of using the faces installation we will create and as a whole it transform into something meaningful and different. I believe that it will take times to create but it will look cool and massive.


Marques Almeida Reflection

Location & Model casting

  • The location we wanted was just a big wide space so the audience could only focus on the message we want to bring up.
  • We chose Finsbury Park as our location, in fact, that it has a wide space and I went there shooting last time, so I'm familiar with the place.
  • It was really tough to find models we want. Initially, we were finding models with long bushy hair, because we think it will match our concept idea. We found two model from our acquaintance, and we have our call sheet, styling, everything settled. Unfortunately, two days before the shoot, one model said she would not be available anymore.
  • We stressed out and keep finding models. Luckily, I have a friend which she is not a model, but she has a charismatic face, and it will fit our shoot.

Actual Shooting, editing, critique

  • The shooting was successful, and we were really happy with what we have. The weather was cloudy and cold, but that was what we wanted. I'm glad that we finished it.
  • Since I know the models, it was easy to communicate the feeling and poses we want which is more comfortable to work with.
  • The poster editing was tough because we had a lot of good photos and we couldn't choose one. I was focusing on the moving image and Matilda was in charge of editing the poster.
  • So in the poster edit, we decided to create three triptychs which are telling a story. With the moving image, we got feedbacks from out tutor saying that the moving image and poster seems like not going well together. Therefore they suggest us to use the poster footage and create it as a GIF. I thought it was a great idea.
  • Critique
    • From today's crit, Matilda and I received a positive feedback. The tutors think the pants were outstanding and they liked the style of our poster. However, we decided to go for more our style more than the brand image.
    • The GIF we made was unique, but they think that we should include songs in it.
    • Overall, I think it was a good experience to work with Matilda and I feel like we didn't have that much time to make the installtion. But if we have time, I believe that the outcome will be amazing anf I would definitely continue this idea in the future. 

Marques Almeida Reflection


  • When I received the brief, I was looking forward to experience working with an actual brand. Matilda and I became group partners because her work is different from what I do, therefore I believe that it will be interesting to work together.
  • Since Marques Almeida brand image is about freedom and youth, I'm very interested in doing hippies movement concept and the styling of it. On the other hand, Matilda was interested in set design and installations.
  • Working with Matilda was awesome, she tends to inspire me but also we both were honest about our opinion, which I'm looking forward to.


  • Props: As Matilda and I decided to make a big installation with faces that are closed up, therefore we bought chicken wire, newspapers and glue. We separate tasks, since our ideas were to create a twin look with the big installation, I was in charge of sewing another blue and black pants but a long version of it. I went to Matilda house and we took photos of our faces for the installation. 
  • The result of the long blue and black jeans went well, the shape was nice as well.
  • I went to Matilda house and we took photos of our faces for the installation. On the other hand, the installation didn’t go well, since the chicken wire was not soft and flexible enough to make a ball shape.
  • We decided to not include the big faces installation, and only include the pants I made.