Pathway: 1.Fashion Communication

     To me, I am constantly amazed by how our thoughts and ideas can be conveyed visually through construction around the human body. This is where my profound interest in fashion comes from. The reason I think Fashion Communication is a pathway that I want to pursue is because I desire to heighten my sense and awareness in fashion. To create vivid visuals in terms of directing campaigns and photo-shoots etc. Through creating fashion media, I want to express my emotions and communicate with the mass public. I also come from a multicultural background, which allows me to immerse in the Chinese and Korean culture. Thus, I would like to learn more about how fashion interacts with culture and lifestyle.

REN HANG (Photographer)

Ren Hang was a photographer and a poet in China, he began taking pictures in 2008 and died in 2017. His explicit and controversial photographs have influenced me, every photo he takes garb people's attention because most of his photo show a lot of nudity which made it a controversy. His passion for taking photographs gave me huge impact since he got arrested several times and experienced censorship throughout his career in his home country China. But it will never stop him from taking photos which I learned that no matter what happens, we should not stop doing what we like. I felt exhilarated by his photographs. He mashed up limbs and body parts in the most absurd and exciting of ways. The compositions and colours in his photos are challenging and personal.

ROBBIE SPENCER (creative director)

Robbie Spencer is the creative director and stylist in Dazed magazine. The reason why he is my influence, in fact, that he has a great sense of styling every single photoshoot. The way he style is very artistic yet all in the same the colour, I always felt that he knows colours really well. I always took him as my inspiration, since he creates amazing photoshoots and films in Dazed magazine. I was impressed by his use of colours in photographs. He shows me that there are no limitations in styling cloths, and I should challenge different styles.

SAM NIXON (Photographer)

Sam Nixon is a fashion photographer based in New York and London. He began to influence me when he photographs my favorite South Korea band member. He was featured in Dazed Korea photobook "Disoriented". The photobook was amazing, it includes the street culture in Seoul and he uses locations that were often seen by us. The way he takes photographs seems like I was in there with them, each photo is a story and journey to let me explore together.